Doga – Yoga with your Pooch

Your Yoga Doga

What better combination is there than putting Yoga together with your furry friend! Your Yoga Doga is all about connecting with your dog through your relaxed breath, touch and movement.

It’s also about having a great laugh because our beloved dogs don’t always react in a way we feel is “appropriate” for the moment. That’s the point…

life isn’t always about what is appropriate or proper or perfect. It’s about taking those moments for what they are..and have a laugh when it isn’t picture perfect.

While we do yoga poses in this class and maybe even a few flows, experience in yoga isn’t strictly necessary. We spend time connecting with our dogs, breathing with them, massaging and just “being” with them. That really is all they want, our time and attention. So please join us…and prepare to have a great time!

Doga FAQ’s

What do I need to bring for class?

All you need is a mat, water for you and your dog, some treats, and poop bags. Dogs must be leashed at all times….please use a standard leash and not the retractable kind.

My dog isn’t the best behaved…maybe I shouldn’t bring him/her?

So long as your dog isn’t aggressive towards other dogs or people, Doga will actually help a more active dog to relax. The idea is for you to relax and slow your breath down. Dogs react to our emotions…the more calm we are, the more calm they are!

How long is each class?

Classes typically last about 45 minutes. I do like time for dogs to greet each other…sometimes they get distracted from their person because they are dying to meet the doggie next door! The whole idea is to just have fun…and leave with a smile!

Does it matter what size my dog is?

Every pose is modified for the size of your dog. With smaller breeds, you can hold them in your arms at your chest or have them rest on a bent knee in the standing poses – even lift them carefully overhead (you would be surprised how much they love it!). Larger dogs can be used as support in certain poses…you stretch one arm up to the air, while the other hand is supported by your dog and maybe giving a massage at the same time!

What exactly does the dog get out of this?

Being with you! That’s all our furry kids want, really is to spend quality, one on one time with us. There is lots of touching and soft eye contact, praise and treats (if that doesn’t prove too distracting).

Your Yoga Doga
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Doga Group Sessions

Private group rates available.

$10 /person (Dogs are FREE!)
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